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Personal Fitness Trainer

FitnessPal is your own personal fitness trainer. It alanyzes your health score and gives you the perfect diet plan, workout plan, heath & beauty tips to make you the best version of yourself.

Diet Plan

Learn about food and its nutritional content, understand your habits, and plan your diet.

Workout Plan

Video tutorials for workout plans with warmup, cool down, cardio, yoga & stretching exercies.

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Achieve your fitness goals like gain, loose or maintain weight, gain muscle or get a toned body.

Best Tools for Your Goals

Struggling to lose weight, tone up, gain weight, or keep your overall health? Get all the tools you need under one roof.

Calorie Counter

Get detailed info about food's nutritional content & create pesonalized diet plan.

Food Diary

Log your daily routine in your diary, keep track of your daily nutrients and calorie intake.

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Track your weight and record your weight goals to analyze your progress over time.